Be Your Own Bettie.

It’s a Girl!

After 10 years together, we’ve had our first Bettie Baby and we couldn’t be more thrilled. Life is about growing and …we’re growing!

That’s what it means to Be Your OWN Bettie…to grow. To be the best woman you can be. To break free of what others think you should you be and to get back to who you want to be and thought you could be.

Being a Bettie is about your own journey. Sometimes we need help to continue on that path. Sometimes we need a friend to hold the spotlight; sometimes we need a friend to hold the map for us and sometimes we need some to yell in our face and say, “What the &%$#! are you doing?!?”. Our Be Your Own Bettie workshop was designed to do those things and more.

But, what happens in real life?

You keep going. You keep growing.

The Betties in this photo have over 10 years of friendship, that means we’ve grown together through ten years’ worth of stories filled with disappointment, excitement, happiness, a bit of sorrow, huge wins and tons of loving encouragement. Throughout our journey we’ve worked to remain committed to each other and for each other. We’ve hit our rough spots, of course, but when it is time to show up for one another, we do it. That, too, is about being a Bettie.

We wish you the best as you continue to Be Your Own Bettie!




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