Knowing Your NO

Knowing Your No – {Panel + Discussion}

You know when enough is enough.

But do you know how to use your voice to speak up?

The Story:

As the creator and founder of Brown Betties, I’ve had my experiences with sexual harassment. I learned from those experiences that while I knew I certainly didn’t feel good about what was happening in the moment, I couldn’t always find my voice to speak up and say, “No.” Or, when I did finally find my voice, it was too late.

I don’t want this to happen to anyone else.

The Course:

+Panel Discussion

“Knowing Your NO” will be an event that includes a panel discussion of women who are finding their own NO. As women, sometimes it is hard for us to speak up for ourselves, to set and maintain boundaries, and to feel confident about our decision to do so. This panel discussion will explore some of those moments and offer tips to help find our journey to saying no to what you don’t want, and yes to what you do.

The Dates:

Wednesday, October 27th, 5pm PST.

This will be a free, virtual event.

Interested? Please sign up here to register and receive your Zoom link.

KNOWING YOUR NO - DRAFT 3 - Eventbrite - NO link to sign up

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Knowing Your NO – {Panel + Discussion}

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