What’s the biggest trick to beauty?

I love how nature is showing us her flawless beauty this Spring; I figured we should respond in kind. Therefore, this month in Bettie-land, we’ll focus on Beauty — both inside and out.

Beauty means alotta things to alotta people these days. You can’t scroll through Instagram without seeing a pretty-font message reminding you to love yourself!, put yourself first! and be confident! I’m not any different.

dangerously in love

The thing is, I do believe that you have to see your own beauty before you can fully show it to the world. It does absolutely nothing to have friends, family or strangers tell you you’re beautiful when you don’t believe it yourself.  I say this from experience.

The reason I started Betties was to remind myself and other women of our beauty. That it IS there, but you must see it for yourself first. This can get tricky, because you can’t cheat your way through this. You have to believe it 100%. (At least 98%!)

Indelible Ink - June 2012 pep

In case you’re looking for a way to ace your beauty,  we’re going to offer you some help this month because April is a month of new beginnings and unfolding.

My friend Ife’ Thomas is a woman of beauty. We met years ago in LA; she is a gorgeous singer…buttery, gooey, sensual gorgeousness pours out of her when she sings. She performed with the Betties for our cabaret shows where she lent us her magical voice. She has been a Bettie ever since.

Looking for a career boost, Ife’ (pronounced ‘ee-faye’) moved to the UK to attend Goldsmiths, University of London in 2014. While there she created Her Glow, a multi-service beauty and wellness brand. As far as I’m concerned, building this brand is a natural progression for this diva who’s look is always radiantly flawless. Ife’ is the woman who walks in the room and you’re like, “How does she do it?” Like really, HOW does she do it?


Ife’ Thomas of Her Glow

When Ife’ would post on her Facebook, I was always asking, “What lip color is that?” What eyeshadow did you use here?” and so on. To answer these type of questions and to help others “glow” is now her business.

So, for the entire month of April, we will focus on beauty and how to “Get Her Glow” with beauty and wellness tips from my lovely friend and colleague. Be sure to check back each week for new videos with tips and tutorials where Ife’ where spill the beans on all that’s good and beautiful. At the end of the month, there will be a fun surprise for the Bettie community. (If you’re not already on the Bettie email list or have not liked the Brown Betties Facebook page, now is the time! Please subscribe and like today.)

Looking forward to being beautiful with you this month…and always.





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