Founder Peppur Chambers

I always wanted to be a pin up girl, and now I am.

That’s how the Brown Betties began. I love the 1940s and all that came with it including gorgeous hats with netted veils, red lipstick and cigarettes. I also loved the endless drawings of the pin up girls and so wanted to be that…and then I realized there were hardly any black pin up girls. At least as readily available to admire via Google as say, Lana Turner or any of the countless Vargas drawings. So, I went about changing that. In my own way.

brownbetties-illustration by jim-silke Peppur Chambers

Brown Betties illustration by Jim Silke

In 2005, I created The Brown Betties®.

I wrote, directed, produced and performed in a 26-minute 1940s styled dinner-theater show, “Harlem’s Night: A Cabaret Story” which starred the fabulous Brown Betties. This burlesque bedtime story told the tale of a woman looking for love in all the wrong places. Recognizing that The Betties, four Sultry, Sassy, Sophisticated women, were becoming the selling point of the show, I chose to expand on that and developed The Brown Betties® into a trademarked lifestyle brand that could live off stage and empower women.

Brown Betties

Photo by Ken Tisuthiwongse

Under the brand, and over the years, I’ve created a cheeky award-winning webseries based on the book: “The Brown Betties Guide: How To Look For Love In All The Wrong Places”; the Be Your Own Bettie (BYOB) Empowerment workshops; Bettie Body workout/dance classes; Brown Betties Gazette online magazine and Brown Bettie greeting cards. I also penned “Harlem’s Awakening”, my debut fiction novella via Black Hill Press (now 1888 Center) and, which features a Bettie story line. Harlem’s Awakening was adapted into a one woman show, “Harlem’s Awakening: Storytelling. Live”. It premiered at the 2014 Prague Fringe Festival where it was nominated for a Performance Award. That experience lead me to becoming an expat in Prague, where I lived for three years. During that time, the Betties became international. A new group of women showed the Czech Republic what it meant to be sultry, sassy and sophisticated via performances and BYOB.

Photo by Kailey J Flynn - Brown Betties

Photo by Kailey J Flynn

As I’ve grown as a woman and a person, so has Brown Betties. Today, the brand is less about performing and more about helping women. It is a support system which offers “education that empowers” via alternative channels and methods that are unapologetically feminine. We are creating a network of women who can and will teach others to thrive in their journey….to be sultry, sassy and sophisticated. Welcome.

~ ~ ~

And now for the “LinkedIn” version of my bio:

Peppur is a graduate of Marquette University (BA Advertising & Marketing); was a former Chicago Bulls and Milwaukee Buck’s Dancer; and is a published author. She taught journalism at Prague College and created an Alternative Method to Teaching English course for teachers from Kazakhstan. She writes under her blog Learn more about her other theater and film projects on http://www.peppurchambers. com.


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