Be Your Own Bettie

 What is BYOB?

Be Your Own Bette (BYOB) is a workshop that empowers women. It is feminine, unique and classy and uses several tools to help you become a stronger woman.

Part I – includes dance, writing exercises, sisterly bonding and empowerment exercises. Part I is a two-hour event and concludes in one session.

Part II – includes emphasis on mind, body and soul and consists of three sessions that include Bettie Body (sculpting/core class), Bettie Cardio (cardio class) and Bettie dance (new dance routine). This workshop includes three sessions over three consecutive days.

You do not need to attend Part I in order to attend Part II.  However, Part II is an ideal next step for Betties who have completed Part I and are looking for a new challenge.

Want something a little more…private?

The BYOB workshop can be held in private homes or as a part of a larger event (think team building or evening fun). It is a treat to and for the self and many women come away from the private experience having pushed their boundaries to learn more about themselves and their girlfriends.

Additional history on BYOB.

The Be Your Own Bettie Workshop (BYOB) was created in Los Angeles in 2009 out of demand from many woman who, after seeing the stage show, “Harlem’s Night Cabaret“, wanted to be a Bettie!

These women experienced the confidence and beauty that emanated from the four sultry, sassy, sophisticated stage Betties who played the characters LOVE, HATE, WANT and NEED in the 1940s show about a woman looking for love in all the wrong places.

We created a unique workshop that was feminine and classy. With hints of burlesque, sisterly bonding exercises and more.

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Please contact peppur (at) for more information or to book an event!






BYOB was a full night of women empowering! Do not be mistaken, this is not a night of how to learn to be sexy, this is a night when you discover your feminine and allow your confidence to open up with the amazing and sensitive support of Peppur (Ms Bettie).

Dana – Prague

Thank you!! You all did a wonderful job, and I could NOT have been more impressed with the Brown Betties’ professionalism, humor, and fun! My girls truly enjoyed their day, as did I!! You lovely ladies will come with a very high recommendation from me!! I’ve forwarded this to my friends who attended, as well as those who “missed out!”

Portia – L.A.

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