Bettie U.

BETTIE U.  – {Workshop}

Educating young women to be incredible women.

The Story

Bettie U. is a training course for young women designed to focus on developing and  nurturing self-confidence as it pertains to their personal growth, early career goals and daily life.

The Course


Taught by Peppur Chambers, an American author, performer, record-holding athlete and TEFL-certified English teacher, the course sessions will include: written, verbal and group exercise; dance/movement; arts & crafts-based activities and inspirational discussions. The goal is for the young women to come away from the  workshop with a renewed belief in her own abilities to succeed as well as some basic tools to help her become the incredible young woman she is destined to be.

The Dates

This workshop is designed to be integrated into other programs, such as an after school program, or a supplement to an organization’s current programming. Please contact me with interest and for scheduling.

Please access a downloadable PDF here: Bettie U. by Peppur Chambers


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