Brown Betties Guide

The Brown Betties® Guide: How to Look For Love In All The Wrong Places is a tongue-in-cheek webseries about relationships that gives women the wrong advice on how to find love. Why? Because we’ve all been there…done that!


DIR Morenike Evans with our amazing actors from Tip # 4: Change Yourself

Created by Peppur Chambers, Directed by Morenike Evans and written by both, you can learn how it all began and then watch all of the episodes here on YouTube!

You’ll learn that we offer 10 Simple Tips to keep you on the wrong track to love. Here are two of them:

Tip #1: Be The Last One At The Party

In your jovial effort to seem cute, bubbly and the life of the party, always make sure you are the last one at the party. Inadvertently, you will appear available yet desperate. The louder you laugh and the more men you talk to will make you seem more and more like you have nothing to go home to. As a result, you will attract all the single alien goons at the soiree much like rabid mice to a fermenting pile of garbage.

Peppur Chambers (Ms Bettie), Danielle Lewis “The Last One”, Dheeaba Donghrer (Cute Guy), Emmanuel Rumph (Strange, Wierdo Guy), Kalia Silva (Bar Tender), Herica Thompson,  Tanya Alexander, Kirk Bovil, (Party Goers); Stephanie Garma, Melissa Whitman (Extras)

Tip #3 : Call Him. A Lot.

Speed dial isn’t speedy enough! Keep calling. You know and he knows that he’s totally thinking of you, he’s just too busy to call you. When he doesn’t call you back, be sure to call him at least twenty times a day. When he does finally answer (they always do, especially if you have annoyed them enough), make sure you are really, really mad.

Peppur Chambers (Ms Bettie), Yasmine Richard (aka “Myss Moxie”) ( “The Caller”)
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