Love Ain’t So Easy.

Some days I feel pretty normal. Other days, I feel like a freak. Love shouldn’t be so elusive. Love should be something you can buy at Whole Foods or Ralph’s or the Dollar Store. You should be able to shop for it, spend what you want (or have) on it, take it home with you and freaking enjoy it. Love shouldn’t be something you can’t buy at Nordstrom’s. Love shouldn’t be the mink coat in the window on the faceless mannequin; it shouldn’t be the etched crystal vase sparkling on a mantel… Read More

When Love Knocks.

The Betties have spent many, many nights together sipping big glasses of red wine while passing around the tissue box and talking about relationships. With the “Where is he?” and the “When is it gonna happen?” and the reassuring “It’s ok, I can be fine myself!” being big topics of discussion.