Spotlight: One beautiful Bettie.

Happy Women’s Day to all of you today and everyday! I’m personally highlighting the wonderful Zeina who was my student while I was teaching at Prague College. She is fantastic and I’m choosing to honor her today. She is a Syrian journalist in Prague, author of three books for children, a film critique, and an activist. All my love, Ms Bettie   Instagram: kanawatizeina Website of her documentary film: Article: Article in Czech:

When Asking for Help Feels So Unsexy.

When I left LA, I never thought one of my concerns would be eyelashes. I had a large supply back home and didn’t think to bring any of them, because…why? Argh! Finding sexy, affordable eyelashes can be a little tough in Prague; at least it has been for me. They just don’t seem to be readily available. And, the ones that you do find are plasticy or pricey. Nothing a Bettie wants. I finally bit the bullet and bought a plasticy pair during an awesome shopping excursion to Sapa, which is a… Read More