Knowing What’s Right.

Do you spend a lot of time worrying about what’s right? Do you worry if you’re making the right decision? Wonder if you’re doing the right thing? Struggle with making the right choice…? So do I! Being a perfectionist is partly to blame for this “Is it right?!” curse. I’m aware of that. Maybe you are, too. I’ve learned that one way to battle this insanity is through team work. You can’t do things alone. You’ll never be perfect. You can’t get every single thing right. And sometimes you need a good… Read More

Delightful and Delicous.

As I sit at my window, I’m warmed by the swaying to and fro of couples ballroom dancing in a great hall across the street. Through the dark of night, their silhouettes glow under yellow light as they dance behind Gothic windows draped in majestic curtains. Gentlemen in suits. Women in long, black dresses. Sophisticated. Romantic. Beautiful. Enticing. Provocative. I hope that your visit to the world of Brown Betties® is equally delightful and delicious. Enjoy.  

When Love Knocks.

The Betties have spent many, many nights together sipping big glasses of red wine while passing around the tissue box and talking about relationships. With the “Where is he?” and the “When is it gonna happen?” and the reassuring “It’s ok, I can be fine myself!” being big topics of discussion.

Be Your Own Bettie.

That’s what it means to Be Your OWN Bettie…to grow. To be the best woman you can be. To break free of what others think you should you be and to get back to who you want to be and thought you could be.

What’s A Bettie?

What's a Bettie

A Brown Bettie is a sultry, sassy, sophisticated woman who is confidently aware that her personal journey has made her so beautifully brilliant, she deserves a spotlight.