Yes, please!

This month marks a year from when I embarked upon writing a new book … one that would help me and one that I hope would help others. Titled, The Brown Betties Guide: Knowing Your NO, the idea came about as I realized during a pivotal moment in my life that I wish I had said no, sooner. I wasn’t blaming myself for not saying no right away, but always the one to try to learn, I kept questioning, at what point during the event that happened could (should) I have said… Read More

When Opportunity Struts

We’ve entered a new year and with that comes that age-old sense of excitement, fear and anxiety. What also comes is opportunity. And that’s a very good thing. I spent the last half of 2018 re-branding Brown Betties away from our beginnings, which was a sultry, sassy, sophisticated lifestyle brand that was performance based and lived primarily onstage in our dinner-theater burlesque cabaret show or dancing at private and corporate events. We’ve enticed many audiences over the years and we’ve always done so with a sense of pride, dignity and sensibility that… Read More