Love Ain’t So Easy.

Some days I feel pretty normal. Other days, I feel like a freak.

Love shouldn’t be so elusive. Love should be something you can buy at Whole Foods or Ralph’s or the Dollar Store. You should be able to shop for it, spend what you want (or have) on it, take it home with you and freaking enjoy it.

Love shouldn’t be something you can’t buy at Nordstrom’s. Love shouldn’t be the mink coat in the window on the faceless mannequin; it shouldn’t be the etched crystal vase sparkling on a mantel behind security glass and love shouldn’t be the Tiffany infinity ring gleaming beneath a locked glass counter top.

But, sometimes it is.

Sometimes love is the thing that other people get to experience and enjoy. Sometimes you are the one standing in the rain or the sunshine looking in from the outside. Sometimes you gotta turn away from that window; let all that normal, yummy, sparkly, vibey, alluring beauty hang out behind that see-through barrier while you go on about your way dancing like a super freak.






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